Strategic Platform

Our investments are concentrated in four strategic industry verticals: consumer, financial services, industrials, and software, information systems and tech-enabled services. As of December 2020, Golden Gate holds investments in more than 30 companies across our four industry verticals. Because we maintain an active strategic presence in each of our industries, our companies often serve as growth platforms within their vertical market. As a result, the significant majority of our more than 200+ historical acquisitions have been made in conjunction with the platform companies that we own and operate. This differentiated capability enables us to be more flexible and competitive than conventional private equity firms in evaluating potential add-on acquisitions.


Among Golden Gate’s strategic investments is Angel Island Capital, a dedicated specialty finance company managing approximately $4 billion of assets as of December 2020 and capitalized with equity from the same perpetual investment pool that owns and controls our operating companies. This specialty finance company selectively facilitates the financing of our own investments as well as companies owned by others, thereby extending the breadth of transactions in which we can participate.

On occasion, Golden Gate may also invest in publicly traded companies within our vertical markets, either directly or via a structured equity investment. Many of our investments into public companies are based upon the premise that the company is meaningfully undervalued based on our deep industry experience.